Course Category: Build Your Nurture System

Funnel Walkthroughs

Welcome to Funnel Walkthroughs   One of the best ways to figure out what works is to see what’s working for other people and then apply it to your business. The problem is that you usually only get to hear about the success, but not about how they built it. That leaves us all wondering …

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Get Featured on Podcasts

Welcome to Get Featured on Podcasts One of the major reasons Boss Mom was able to create a known brand so quickly is because getting featured on Podcasts was a huge part of the strategy. There is no better publicity than allowing other people to feature you and tell the world you are awesome. Take …

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Your Ideal Client Scale

Welcome to Your Ideal Client Scale     We all want to learn more about our ideal client, but we aren’t always looking to see who is ALMOST our ideal client. You know the person we want to help the most, but will never pay us. We also need to know where we want to …

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UPGRADE: Your Webinar Templates

Welcome to the Webinar Template  Course Webinars are a great way to lead people to your paid programs, but it’s not always clear on what to include or how to structure everything. We have put together templates for you to use to help you build out your webinar. Make sure you know your topic before …

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Your Free to Paid Journey

Welcome to Your Free to Paid Journey    If you are new to Boss Mom then now is a good time to let you know that your Free to Paid Journey is what I call your sales funnel. It includes the content side of how you flow people from your free content to your paid content …

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90 Day Email Nurture System

Welcome to the 90 Day Email Nurture System The course workbook is located in the ‘downloads’ tab and the template Trello board is located in the ‘resources’ tab