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Get Featured on Podcasts

Welcome to Get Featured on Podcasts One of the major reasons Boss Mom was able to create a known brand so quickly is because getting featured on Podcasts was a huge part of the strategy. There is no better publicity than allowing other people to feature you and tell the world you are awesome. Take …

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How to Start Your Own Podcast

HOW TO NAVIGATE THROUGH COURSE CONTENT: The PREV & NEXT buttons allow you to move back and forth between videos and resources within a course If there is a downloadable recourse you will see it in the blue box You can click on the side bar to move through the course to different lessons

Create Your Visibility Plan

Welcome to Create Your Visibility Plan  Let’s get visible! This training is all about planning out your core content and how you will leverage that content to gain visibility. We want you to be able to stop feeling like you have to make all the content in the world in order to succeed. We also …

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