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Trello Board Templates

HOW TO COPY THESE BOARDS & MAKE THEM YOUR OWN Simply click the link for each board. If you don’t already have a Trello account it will ask you to sign up (it’s free). Then you will be able to copy the board to your account. See simple instructions on how to copy these boards …

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Proposal Templates

Get ready to up-level your business using our proposal templates. If you are sending out proposals to prospects and you want to figure out how to position yourself then these templates will help you keep it simple and clean. Take a look and grab the template that will work for you and then tweak to …

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Webinar PPT Template

Welcome to the Webinar PPT Template   Webinars are a great way to lead people to your paid programs, but it’s not always clear on what to include in your PPT. We have put together a plate just for you. Now you can plug in your content and get to the part where you sell …

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