This page is all about the fundamentals of running a successful business. Refer back to this page when you need to be reminded of how to gain clarity, stay focused, and make sure you have the basic requirements to run and grow your business.

We highly recommend that you start with the Fundamentals course below.

Getting Clarity

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If you are trying to get clarity on what you want your business (and life) to look like then use these resources.

1. Create Your Business Plan Course
2. Create Your Financial Plan Course

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If you are not quite sure or need to refresh, who your ideal client is in better detail then hop into the course below.

1. Your Ideal Client Scale

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If you do not have a framework (system) that you specifically designed to quickly show your audience how you get them results then click below.

NOTE: We will be releasing a full Build Your Framework Course in a future NTCS release, but for now, this video will help break it down.

Every business needs to be able to motivate their audience...

We couldn't help it...we had to add this to the Fundamentals page because being able to speak like a motivational speaker can really help you nurture and convert. Don't worry you don't have to be on video all the time, but if you practice using this one video then I guarantee you will increase your influence and make more sales.

(Note: You earn points for completing this video)


We don't just want to teach you a new nurture system for your business, we want to change the way you look at running your business. Some of what the rest of the world tells you, or makes you think you need, are flat out wrong (especially for a parent) so I am here to set the record straight. Listen to each audio (maybe even more than once if you need it) and we will add more as we see the need arise.

If you are having all the feels...

I don't know about you, but sometimes I need a pick me up. I need someone to remind me to stop looking at my competition, to stop beating myself up, and to stop getting in my own way. If you are feeling all the feels (now or anytime) then hop over and listen to one of my audio inspirations. And if there was a topic you wish I covered just let us know.

Recommended tools for your business

In order for your business to run you need a few digital tools. Here are the main tools I think your business HAS to have in order to work.

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We recommend Click-up 

If you already have a system you use that's great. No need to change. If you don't have one then we recommend ClickUp or Trello. We will offer training in both.

An overview of our strategic planning system in ClickUp is in the Fundamentals Course and a more extensive course walking through our project management system (including templates) will be out on Friday, March 12th.


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We recommend Canva

You will want to have CANVA, hands down it's the best, and all of our templates will be there. From social media, workbooks, opt-ins, to proposals, etc.


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We recommend Active Campaign

We recommend you get Active Campaign for your email marketing. We will have training on how to set up the NTC system with Active campaign soon.
If you already use Covertkit that will work too (I just like AC better)

Click to get Active Campaign

Still feeling stuck?

We want you to be a part of the NTCS family for a long time (or at least until your nurture system is running and making you consistent revenue. So if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed please let us know. You can post about it in the NTCS Facebook Group to get community support or email me ( for more private support. Either way, we are here for you.