We don't want you to just take our word for it. We want to show you that our members think the Nurture to Convert™️ Accelerator is as valuable as we way it is. 

Wow Dana, looks like you have a lot of awesome members with great things to say about about Nurture to Convert™️.

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Goodness, do you need to show me so many testimonials? 

Yes, yes I do! I can tell you all day long that we will offer you the support and guidance you need, but nothing says it better than our NTC members. So I'm gonna keep'm coming until every shred of doubt is gone.

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Our NTC members are like family. When you join NTC you aren't just another notch on our belt. And we don't just show love to the members with the best results. We are with you every step of the way to help you get continually move forward in your business. If you know you need support to grow your business, then don't wait. 

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NOTE: The NTC Accelerator used to be called the Society. If you hear reverence to NTCS (Society) it's referring to the same group coaching program we now call the Nurture to Convert Accelerator. 
"Dana is a magical, fairy godmother who listens to you deeply, takes in the information of your business and then reflects back a redefined, focused and exciting version of your business' messaging that might have felt like scattered pieces of fabric before."

- Christina Fletcher (Energy Coach)
"The hot seat was a game changer to be honest. I felt like I was talking to a guru. Although I didn't feel prepared or that I had a clear question, Dana quickly assessed where I was in the process and jumped in with useful thought joggers and prompts to ease my fears and give me tangible next steps at clarifying my message."

- Mona Lehl (Founder of Empowerment Math Method)
"And finally, I know I've said it before, but it's worth saying again how much I love the NTCA and everything you have built. You are incredibly generous with your time, energy and knowledge and please know I don't take this for granted. Becoming part of your ''world'' and learning from you was such a valuable decision - professionally and personally! "

- Jayne Corner (IBS coach)
""Getting to have my hot seat with Dana was incredibly helpful. I went from confused AF about how to share my offerings in a way that was sustainable (and scalable) to feeling inspired and excited again about my business and feeling like I had direction for the first time in a long time. Dana is a marketing genius and having her as my business coach - and especially one on one for this hot seat - is invaluable!"

- Amber Duffney (Teen confidence coach)
"I've felt lost on how to talk about what I offer and Dana gave me some specifics that set me on a path forward where I feel empowered and excited. I've already watched the recording twice and have a feeling it will continue to help me clarify my message. I can't wait for the next time I get to sit down with the expert!! ."

- Mona Lehl (Founder of Empowerment Math Method)
"Can I just say THANK YOU!!! To Dana Malstaff and the rest of the staff that continues to think of the "small" things that we need even while they are tackling "big" projects in their business.
So thank you for the reminder to check out the Templates page in the Society. And for giving us the fun challenge of earning them with points. Motivation and fun at the same time - pure genius!"

- Caroline Uffman Sykes
"The hot seat calls inside of NTCA are incredibly helpful.  I love knowing that hot seats are available if I get stuck or need some additional guidance."

-Danielle Cox
"I just had an amazing hot seat experience with Dana. I had literally been sitting on my hot seat points for months and was admittedly super nervous about using them, and now I wish I had gotten out of my own way and on to a call much sooner because it was very transformative!

Dana was generous with her time, and her patience and focus on helping me get clarity around my niche questions (even with my little ones interrupting throughout the call...) was invaluable.

She also gave me so many thought joggers and some actionable steps to consider doing next in lieu of the membership that I was so hyper focused on starting which has given me a new lens through which to look at everything.

I am grateful to have had this unique opportunity to get her expert eyes and ears on my concept at this pivotal time before I start building everything out, and I am even more motivated to stay the course knowing that these hot seats are available as a reward for my progress.

- Michelle Leigh Vazquez
"The first thing that I loved about Dana was her generosity.  She has been quick to reply back with a Loom to give me her thoughts and suggest action steps.  Dana is generous with her time, her patience and willingness to stay with me to get me a solution that fits.  Her hotseats are effective because she listens deeply and has such a thorough understanding of marketing. I am only a few weeks in with NTCS and already know my trajectory has improved."

- Jen Kline Clark (Profit Engineer)
"Dana brings her expertise in marketing, trends and human psychology to help you understand how your business is perceived and how to frame it in a way that will help potential clients receive what you offer, so they feel safe and held from the very beginning. I highly recommend working with Dana, and honestly, just taking part in anything she offers whenever you can."

- Christina Fletcher (Energy Coach)
"What I love most about NTCA is that there is this incredible community ready and waiting to provide support around the clock. I can post questions, ideas, copy, and more at any hour of the day or night & someone is there to give feedback, including Dana & the NTCA team! This allows me the flexibility to keep working at my pace, rather than feeling held up waiting for answers or assistance. "

- Lauren Dieckmann
"Dana's business savvy and intuition is one of a kind when it comes to working with women entrepreneurs. I find her witty insight inspiring.  She has helped me pivot in the right direction when I would have wasted time just fumbling around on my own. - Diesta Goldsmith
I am very thankful for the NTC program and all the wonderful connections I've made over the last 6 months."

- Diesta Goldsmith (Menopause fitness coach)
"When I joined NTCS I was stuck. I knew who I wanted to help and how I could help, but I had no idea how to find those people and tell them about what I had to offer. NTCS changed all that. The combination of training videos, workbooks, done for you templates and the support available inside the facebook group have all been instrumental in helping me move forward. I have so much more clarity and confidence around my messaging that I'm now out there promoting myself and attracting clients!

- Sherry Pratt
"The hot seat time was exactly what I needed. I have had this business concept for 8 years and have floundered taking many first steps. I have felt unsure and relatively unsupported at each step, despite purchasing other content and programs for support. The hot seat gave me exact guidance on my next steps, specific to exactly my business, situation, level of experience, and more."

- Devi Raja
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